Malheur County Recorder (Oregon)

The Malheur County Recorder of Deeds maintains a range of real estate ownership documents for a county government. Recorders of Deeds ensure the accuracy of property, land, and Malheur County property tax records by preserving records related to property ownership. These county records include transfer of property such as deeds and titles as well as property tax records. Recorders of Deeds may keep property appraisal reports, property Malheur County tax assessments, and records of tax liens and foreclosures. These property documents list information about the previous and current property owners, descriptions of the property, and a history of the property's sales, making them valuable resources for current owners, prospective buyers, and genealogical researchers in Malheur County, Oregon. The Malheur County Recorder may provide online access to their records.

Malheur County Recorder of Deeds Vale OR 251 B Street West 97918 541-473-5151